Dryad Traits

Appearance: Dryads are easily distinguishable from humans. Their hair changes colours with the seasons, usually bright green in spring and summer, changing to red,
orange, blonde, or brown in the fall and winter. Leaves can often be found sprouting in the hair, sometimes mixed in, and sometimes spreading out in search of sunlight.
Their skin appears normal, if tanner than most humans, but upon touching it you will notice the unyielding nature of it, as dryads’ exteriors are essentially composed of

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma Increases by 2, your Dexterity increases by 1

Age: Undisturbed and living near their home tree, dryads can live for thousands of years. Time outside the forest and away from their home tree shortens
their life span significantly.

Alignment: Dryads tend towards True Neutral, as they believe primarily in the “laws” of nature.

Size: Dryads reach human size at 300 years old, before that they are often confused for fey spirits, as they appear to be children. In times of war, dryads grow in
size to defend their homes, growing to over 8 feet tall.

Speed: Your Base Walking Speed is 30ft.

One with Nature: You gain Profiency in the Nature skill.

Force of Nature: Once per long rest, or anytime within 1 mile of your home tree, you can use an action to transform into a vicious defender of the forest for 1 minute,
or as long as you’re within 1 mile of your home tree. Your peaceful features transform into sinister, threatening features as you become 8 feet tall and grow branches
for limbs as your skin hardens into solid wood. On the turn you transform you may use a bonus action to frighten a creature; choose a creature within 30ft of you, if the creature can see you, it must succeed on a Wisdom Saving throw (DC equal to 8+ your
proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier) or be frigthened of you till the end of your next turn.

In addition, while transformed, you may not wield any weapons, or wear any armour, but you may use an attack with your branch arms dealing 2d6 + str modifier on hit.
This attack counts as a melee weapon attack, not unarmed.

Finally, while in this form your AC becomes 16, and you are vulnerable to fire damage.

Tree Stride: You may use 10ft of movement to enter a tree within 5 ft of you, and emerge 5ft from a tree within 60ft of that tree.

Languages: You can speak, read and write Common and Sylvan.


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